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now where is that wrench?

Daddy says that I can be a big help in the shop…sometimes!  Bruce is working on putting new brakes on a Mercedes-Benz CLS .  Where is that Cornwell wrench?  Woof! You should only use the correct tools when working on these cars. I want to help Bruce fix this car!  Woof!  Woof!  What?  Daddy says “NO” !  Daddy says that is not what he meant!  Daddy says I can’t work on cars because our customers deserve the very best and I am not trained as a mechanic!  UGH!  Woof!  I guess I am always going to be just a greeter!  Woof!  That is ok because  I love my job!  Woof!  Come see me at Lone Star Bavarian and I will be sure to give you some love!