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How important is my OBD?

The EPA has regulations in place establishing requirements for on-board diagnostic (OBD) systems on light-duty vehicles and light-duty trucks beginning with the 1994 model year. The purpose of the OBD system is to assure proper emission control system operation for the vehicle’s lifetime by monitoring emission-related components and systems for deterioration and malfunction.

Vehicle manufacturers had to develop ways to diagnose problems generated by the new electronic hardware found under the hood. Thus, the first OBD systems were developed by auto manufacturers in the early 1980’s as electronic systems replaced mechanical systems.

The engines in today’s vehicles are largely electronically controlled, with sensors and actuators that sense the operation of specific components (e.g., the oxygen sensor) and actuate others (e.g., the fuel injector) to maintain optimal engine control. An on-board computer, known sometimes as a “powertrain control module” or an “engine control unit,” controls all of these systems. With proper software, the on-board computer is capable of monitoring all of the sensors and actuators to determine whether they are working as intended and to notify you when they are not working correctly. So make sure you don’t ignore your Check engine light because it is an important component in keeping your car running smoothly! And if your car has a warning light showing, bring it to Lone Star Bavarian to have it diagnosed


I am starving!

I’m starving! Woof!  Grandpa wouldn’t let me eat Jesse’s food too!  Woof!  Hey what is this?  Oh Wow!  I smell food!  Woof!  Why would anyone call this garbage?  Oh and look…there is bubble wrap!  I love bubble wrap!  Come see me at Lone Star Bavarian and I will share my treat! Woof!  Oh no, here comes Daddy…see you later!


dogs love sun…but cars do not

I love basking in the warm rays of sun that shins through the front door of our shop.  Woof!  While the sun is a wonderful thing and very pleasing while sitting inside, it can be menacing to your high-end auto.  Woof!

Daddy says that the sun does not like cars and it can cause damage to the paint .  So what are people  suppose to do to protect their car?  Woof!  Daddy says that people should park indoors if possible, use a good car cover, and more importantly they should use a good wax protection.   If you are concerned about your car’s paint, check with us next time you’re in the shop.  We can suggest a good Griot’s Garage product that is just right.    Woof!  Daddy also says that if your car paint is already damaged, we can recommend our paint and body guy, Paint by Steve’s, who does a wonderful job!

I will make sure your car is taken care of if you come see me at Lone Star Bavarian!


Do you mind, I am trying to sleep?

Do you mind?   Woof!  I am trying to sleep!  Woof!  Woof!  It has been a long week in the shop!  And it is Friday, so now I get a little sleep!  Woof! Woof! So get that camera out of here!  Woof! Woof!  I need my beauty sleep!  Woof!  Come see me at Lone Star Bavarian and we can snuggle!


Cooper works the front desk

Where did my grownup girl go?  Woof!  Jennifer’s not at her desk?  Woof!  Daddy says she is at lunch!  Oh!  But who is going to watch the front desk?  Woof!  Woof! I guess I will have to do it!  Woof! Good thing Lee is here to help me because my paws don’t work the keyboard very well!

If you need an appointment call me at 817-732-4888 or come by Lone Star Bavarian.  We work even during lunch!


Cooper guards the Cooper

Hey kid, back off!  I am guarding this Mini Cooper for my daddy!  Woof!  I don’t care if you are suppose to change the brakes.  Let me do my job!  Woof!  What ?  Daddy says it is alright?  Ok!  Woof!

Hey my name is Cooper too!  Woof! Woof! Daddy says that Mommy named me after a car.  I don’t get it, I’m not a car!  Woof!  Woof!  Daddy says that Mommy is silly sometimes!  I think she is too but I still love my name!  Woof!  Time for a nap!

Just remember that we value your business and your vehicle!  Come see me at Lone Star Bavarian and I will be sure to lick you!


Cooper runs the LSB shop

Are you guys working?  Woof!  Woof!  Daddy says we are really busy this week so no horseplaying!  Woof!  You are working?  Good!  Woof!  Just so you know Kerry and I will be watching over the shop this week!  Woof!  We have to make sure everything runs on time since it is so busy!

Oh is that the mailman?  Hey mailman!  Do you have something for me?  Woof!  Woof!  We have elven bays and five guys for me to watch over.  Woof!  This is going to be an exhausting week!  Woof!  Woof!

Call Jennifer at Lone Star Bavarian and set an appointment to get your BMW, Merecedes and Mini Cooper in this week!  Be sure you tell them Cooper sent you because my followers get extra special attention!  Woof!

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